Police Impounds Guide:

Steps From Finding Through Selling Your Car, for a Profit!

  • Step One: Where to find police impound lot cars for sale
  • Step Two: Best Places to advertise your vehicle
  • Step Three: Things under $10 bucks that add hundreds to your pocket.
  • Step Four: Pitfalls to avoid

Step One (Where to find police impound lot cars for sale):

finding police impound car auctions, is easier than you think. How it works: for a variety of reasons, a person gets their car impounded and cannot pay the storage and tow fees within thirty days, the tow yard can get the title to the car and sell it. This is a gold mine for picking up cars. I have picked up many cars that have nothing wrong with them for just over a $100 and drove them home.

Your local DMV will have a list of impound yards with the numbers to call. Call the tow yards ask if they have any cars for sale or if they have any cars that will be up for sale soon. It is smart to constantly be calling and checking around to see if there are any cars for sale.

Quite often some excellent cars will come through, this is the main place I have gone and continue to go for great deals.

Also an added bonus is tow yards will tow away motorcycles, trailers, boats and so on. In thirty days or so of the impounded date they can sell the boat or trailer outright for towing fees or less. When some people get these items towed they will tell the driver they have no intentions of picking it up. The sooner you call these tow yards, the greater the chance is that you will be able to get these items for a lower price. They will just ask to be paid for the tow; they don't want these cars, boats, trailers and so on just sitting around on their lots taking up space. most tow yards pull out the car systems before they sell the cars and sell them for a fraction of the price. I have picked up car CD decks worth $500 for less than $50 dollars.

Step Two (Best Places to advertise your vehicle):

1.Online free classifieds List through your local papers/online classifieds, they are a great source to quick sales; I have sold many of cars through these routes.

2. Dealerships Call up dealerships and ask if they do consignment sales (A consignment is an agreement between you and the dealership that they will sell the car for you for a fee). Most dealerships will put your car on the lot and charge a fee as small as $150 to sell it for you.

3. Friends/Acquaintances If you have a friend, a family member or an acquaintance that has a business in a place of high traffic like a gas station or strip mall don't be afraid to ask them if you can place your car out front for sale.

Step Three: (Things under $10 bucks that add hundreds to your pocket):

CLEAN IT! This is the one and only rule, clean it and clean it well. You would be surprised at how many cars will sell for less just because they haven't been cleaned.

I bought a 1992 Honda Accord for $375 it was filthy; the inside was full of garbage and other debris. I washed it down cleaned the carpet, used amoral on the dash and other surfaces. I then cleaned the windows with Windex. For an added touch wax the car if you feel that it is going to improve the overall look.

Also, pressure wash the engine and spray amoral on all of the plastic black parts to give it a new shiny look. Every once in a while there will be battery acid all over the battery terminals. To clean this, take water and mix it with a little baking soda grab a tooth brush and scrub. You will be able to remove most if not all of the battery acid and make it look clean and new. Little details like this add a lot to your bottom line.

Step Four (Pitfalls to avoid):

1. Before you buy a car from anyone always get the Vin number checked. One time I bought a 1995 Honda Prelude with super low miles for $500 from a tow yard, and the owner of the car reported it stolen, to make a long story short, as soon as I paid all of the tow fees and then drop $600 in fixing things, I went down the DMV to registry it and they told me it was a stolen car and they impounded it. I loss $1100.00 on that deal. So beware.

2. Spend $25 bucks and take it to a mechanic to make sure everything is sound on the car. Its better to spend $25 then to buy the car and end up putting an engine in it, been there.

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